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Diagnosis ⋆ Anniversary + more surgery


On Wednesday, 28th April 2021, I received my breast cancer diagnosis.

They had found one tumour in my right breast: grade 1 invasive carcinoma.*

*cancer was also later found in my left breast.

This was an image I found and made up with this logo when I was told at the start of April that I would need a hip replacement.

Yesterday, I confirmed dates for yet another surgery: this time for a total hip replacement.

I’m still kind of processing it all so there will probably be more posts as I get my head around it. At one stage, it was looking like surgery might literally happen on the anniversary of my cancer surgery and that was … a bit much.

Now, however, it will be done before the Winter Solstice, before my birthday.

Whilst I am a poor astrologer at best, I find it reassuring that my surgery will be a couple of days after the New Moon; to me, signifying New Beginnings.

I’m hopeful that this will be a new beginning with a new part and that from here, I can focus on this next phase of life – new role, post cancer, new hip (so that I can start doing all the things I used to enjoy doing like walking, art galleries, markets, theatre shows, swimming etc.

*if you are a better astrologer, please don’t come at me with doom and gloom, you don’t really get to pick dates.

*if you are wondering what the hell I’m talking about, read the two articles below:

Howling at the Moon? The effect of lunar phases on post-surgical outcome.

Blood under the moon: the role of astrology in surgery

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Blogging through my anniversaries last year really helped.

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