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Invocation to Healers

Hail, healer of Asgard! Physician who ministers to many wounds, You teach us that there is never enough healing, Never enough time, never enough resources, Never enough hope that anything will survive, And yet even in face of this helplessness You teach us that we must go on, And never give up until the end. […]

Invocation to Eir

Hail to the Healers!

May they teach us patience.

Hail to the Healers!

May they teach us tenacity.

Hail to the Healers!

May they teach us to be fluid and flexible.

Hail to the Healers!

May they teach us discipline.

Hail to the Healers!

May they teach us hope.

Hail to the Healers!

May they help us to become pain-free.

Hail to the Healers!

May we learn from them to heal both ourselves and others.

Hail to the Healers!

Hail to Apollo Medicus Father of Healers

Hail to Kheiron: the wisest and justest of all the Centaurs.

Hail to Asklepios Son of Apollo
Sharing the epithet of Paean (The Healer)

Hail to Epione: Soothing Pain

Hail to Hygeia: Health, Cleanliness & Hygiene

Hail to Panacea: Universal remedy

Hail to Iaso: Recuperation from Illness

Hail to Aceso: Healing Process

Hail to Aglaïa: Beauty, Splendour, Glory, Magnificence, and Adornment

Hail to Machaon (killed in Trojan War)

Hail to Podalirius Healer of the Diseased

Hail to Telesphorus: (also named Akesis) Recovery from Illness.. the Accomplisher.. bringer of completion.

Which healers do you honour?

I’ve recently had a set back in terms of my own recovery, thankfully not cancer again, but I find great comfort in honouring the Healers that I have connected to.

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