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Apollo – My Seer God

I have never discussed my working with Apollo publicly before, however I have had a respectful relationship with him for decades which began when I started working as a professional tarot reader. Who is Apollo? Apollo is a God in the Hellenic pantheon.   He is the God of Archery, Prophecy, Poetry, Music, Dance, Medicine, Healing […]

Apollo – My Seer God

Great post by Setjataset that I really appreciate.

As I mentioned in my blog piece for the Spring Equinox, I have only recently come to a connection with, and an honouring of Apollo.

It’s been though my experience of cancer and through His Sacred role as Healer, along with the other Healers;  Apollo and the HealersKheiron, Asklepios, Son of Apollo, Kheiron, Epione, Hygeia, Panacea, Iaso, Aceso, Aglaïa, Machaon, Podalirius, and Telephorus.

I’m keen to get a copy of Galina Krasskova’s devotional book: Of Bow, Lyre, and Prophetic Fire: Nine Days of Prayer to the God Apollo. It’s been on my list for a while, as have some others of hers, but book buying has been suspended until I am back at work full time.

Reading Setjatset’s blog, and the lists of symbols, plants, and animals associated with Apollo; I might have to revisit some of my other journals with that knowledge because I’m starting to think perhaps I’ve been missing this connection for a while, oblivious.

And I can hear Hermes laughing at that.

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