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Saturday May 01st 2021 ( Cancer Journal 1)

Image of number 1 in a rainbow, geometric prism style. Cancer Journal 1.
Honestly, I was looking at images of pinata numbers online for this series of posts but I couldn’t find a full range to match my journal numbers!

What I shared on Facebook on Saturday 01st May 2021 as my Cancer Journal Number 1.

These cancer journals were my ongoing strategy of keeping people up to date without having to share the same information again and again. I would write, and then I would get specific friends to act as beta readers, and that was helpful. Then I would post to Facebook, send the same message by email, What’s App, SMS, etc. It saved a lot of emotional energy for me, and that was becoming vital.

⭐ Cancer Journal ⭐

Saturday May 01st 2021 (1)

Starting the Cancer Journal – Number 1

I am very grateful to Caitlín Matthews for the model of her Plague Diary that she has been running on her Facebook page during the last year, and with her permission, I’m running with this idea.


Gentle Creatures, I am *so* fatigued.

I thought the combination of my fibromyalgia and perimenopause was ramping up, because the past 4 – 8 weeks have been *exhausting* on a whole other level.

My GP was concerned, and we were thinking of another round of tests, which is part of what prompted my first mammogram on April 06th.

Now we think it is probably attributable to the impact of the cancer.

I have had some major dental work on the 10th, and promptly got really, really sick with a cold that resulted in a week in bed.

I’ll address the diagnostic process in another post, but I just wanted to say thank you for the support following my announcement yesterday.

I also wanted to acknowledge my fatigue; so I have decided I am going probably try to communicate en masse via these kinds of posts because I am just so damn tired.

I have pinned the post with the announcement about my diagnosis and the boundaries I want to work with to the top of my page, so if this post is the first you have seen, please refer to that pinned post.

Be kind, Gentle Creatures, and take time to eat the roses and walk your boundaries.

Self checks

Ensure that you are vigilant around your self-examination. Train yourself to check your breasts/testicles routinely, and monitor your bowel habits and your urine output. These are our body’s early warning signs, and we don’t have a lot of awareness of them.

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