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Eir by Wayne Earl

“Rest now, my child Be at peace, for I am here with you Through fever and fear I will not be moved You are in my care now I am she called to by worried mothers A desperate night time prayer knows my name I have rushed ´cross the worlds tonight Bearing only my healing […]

Eir by Wayne Earl

Another prayer to Eir from the recluse over at The Patron Saint of Hard Times blog.

I will always share healing prayers here.

This is due to my own lived experience both through cancer, convalescence, and now, dealing with the fact that I need to nurse my hip and manage the pain until I can get a hip replacement.

It is also due to my experience prior to becoming sick myself of caring for others during both chronic and acute illness, and through the transition to death.

Death, to me, is the one experience that all people will face.

Prayers to the Healers helped me immeasurably when I felt like I was dying through chemo treatment, and I will continue to honour them by sharing their prayers, even if they are a Healer I am not in relationship with.

If you have any prayers, feel free to link them!

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