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Fuck Cancer

I joke that cancer, especially chemotherapy, was so bad I wrote poetry.

This poem is the second of what ended up being a series of five.

This was written post-surgery, before starting chemotherapy.

“pew pew pew” FUCK CANCER

Breast are a funny thing, right?

I have… had, rather a marvellous rack.

Breasts are a secondary sex organ
Some lovers wax lyrical over.
Creepy men a little less poetic.

So breasts are sexy except…
When they a feeding babies,
And then they need to be hidden.

Does that mean ..
I have never nursed a child,
Are these no longer breasts?

Don’t be ridiculous.
Facebook will still ban me
If I share my scarred body
Breast cancer
Save the girls, save the tat tas
Fuck that, save the person
Fuck cancer.

So I cut off my breasts
Now… reconstruction or implants
Regardless of the choice.
Are they my breasts?
You fucking bet they are.
I paid for them in tears, blood, and pain,
They are my twin phoenixs
Rising from the dumpster
Fire that is cancer
Fuck cancer, right.

So these are breasts
These are mine
They are marvellous
My surgeons are artists
Working with flesh, and skin
Removing cancers and all breast tissue
Magicians in medicine.
Fuck cancer, yeah?

My new breasts are still breasts
They are mine.
They are not separate to me
My breasts, my body, my temple
We are multitudes
And we are whole.

©️ Fabienne S. Morgana 14th August 2021

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