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The ‘Be More Orca’ podcast.

What’s it like going through a medically-induced menopause? Not fun is the short answer! I spoke with India Fisher about it for her ‘Be More Orca’ podcast. Note: Trigger warning – the blog, podcast & transcript talk frankly & intimately about the menopause, Breast Cancer & life/death. Alt Text: A cartoon of a blond haired […]

The ‘Be More Orca’ podcast.

Suzanne from the Musings of Spu is a disabled person who experienced breast cancer.

In this blog, she shares very openly about hormone positive breast cancer (of which there are different types; for example, she was ER (Estrogen) positive, I was both ER and PR Progesterone positive).

The big thing for people who are pre-menopausal or peri-menopausal is that in addition to surgery, and chemotherapy or radiotherapy (or both or neither, depending upon the person; I had chemo, Suzanne had radiotherapy), the other treatment is medically induced menopause.

And because the breast cancer is hormone positive, HRT or other hormone boosting treatments to ease the symptoms of menopause are not appropriate.

This seems to be a very little known fact.

I’ve had so many people suggest HRT or natural hormone boosters to me and I’ve had to break it down for them about hormone positive cancer and the implications of HRT or similar.

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