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Hestia And My Hearth

Years ago, I mean years and years ago, I began a quest with Hestia. I went out seeking, literately speaking, (as in I wrote stories based on prompts and interactions with a group) as I worked to bring Hestia into my own Home, to serve Her at my Hearth. Too many things got in the […]

Hestia And My Hearth

I thoroughly enjoyed this blog, and this part resonated with me.

Hestia and my Hearth. Except that as the years have passed, it comes to me that Hestia is not the Goddess to whom I own this allegiance.

I am not all that certain there is one particular God or Goddess in relation to everything I need and want in this regard.

What I am doing, what I am asking for, what I am encouraging, and what I am engaging in is Ancestral worship.

I’m a big fan of Ancestor Work, as challenging as it can be (at least for me).

It also took me many years, many rituals, divinations, meditations, much soul-seeking, reading, research, and contemplation to connect with a specific deity.

Now it seems, through menopause, being ill, having cancer – I suddenly have a connection to Many (which is still a little bewildering at times, honestly!)

Tabitha shares:

I have reached a point in my life where I don’t want to live hanging on to things for other people, even if it is for people I love. Plus, I am letting go of things I got for a person I am no longer, as in I have changed.

There is a lot about letting go of things that is also about reclaiming things.

People say I am reclaiming my power. I am reclaiming who I was then.

That is not what I am doing.

I did not GIVE my power away. I locked it up inside of myself and I left it there. I might poke it with a stick now and then, as if to remind myself of who I could have become, of what I should have done and who I should I have become.

I do not want to be the person I used to be. I am not that person. I am not that woman. I am not that creature. But, the person I was also gathered things together for the person I am now, as well as the person I am evolving into these days. So, there are pieces that I can pick up and move forward with, but there is also a great deal that I can let go of and release and recycle.

Again, I strongly relate, and I feel perhaps this simplicity of life, shedding of all that does not serve is very aligned to Hestia (for me).

I laughed when Tabitha writes about a sudden blooming of colour – this has been a discovery for me, too.

A Lesson in Colour by The Patron Saint of Hard Times

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In short a blog that is both about Hestia and not.

Goddess of the Hearth,

Beat strong and pure in the heart of my home.

Lord of the Threshold,

Keep vigilant guard over the entrance of my home.

Spirits of the Land,

Keep watch throughout the yard of my home.

God of the Borders,

Stand ready to repulse all disorder from my home.

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