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Who was *is* the Greek Goddess Hestia?

Hail Holy Hestia

First and last amongst the original Mysterious Ones,

Constant tenderer of the Sacred Flame in Olympus.

Hail Hestia, of the Sacred Flame and Independent Heart

You who declined to choose between Posidon and Apollo.

Hail Hestia, Gracious Mentor,

You who gave your throne to Dionysus.

Hail Hestia, Loyal Sister to Hades

The only two who do not rule from lofty Olympus.

Hail Hestia, you whose name means both Hearth and Altar.

Hail Hestia, you who have dominion over both Sanctuary and State.

Ignite the flame of connection in our leaders.

Inspire them to make the sacrifices necessary for peace and prosperity for all peoples.

Purify them of ego, corruption, and petty self-interest.

Hail Hestia, Protector of the City Walls,

Enable our leaders to have appropriate boundaries

To serve not just us, but those who come after us, just as we have come after you.

Hail Hestia, to whom all first and last sacrifices are made,

Through your guidance, may our leaders ensure that people do not want.

Hail to Hestia, you who are honoured through the first and last pour, may our leaders be inspired to protect the earth, sea, and sky.

Hail to you Hestia, Sacred and Constant One, may we come to see all beings as kin, ignite our compassion, inspire us to connect.

Hail Hestia, in return for our prayers, grant us health and wealth. Let us manifest your sacred gifts.

Hymn written by Fabienne S. Morgana August 24th 2023

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