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Prayer to Hestia

Gracious Hestia, gentle-hearted one, soul of the home, I call to you.

In times of old, dear goddess, all first offerings were yours, so great was your might, so great your import, so great the need for your blessing.

Noble daughter of Kronos and broad-bosomed Rhea, honored sister of thundering Zeus, eternal maid who sits at the center, all honor I offer you.

I thank you for the solid walls I dwell within, I thank you for the warm and welcoming hearth, I thank you for the bread I break with friends and kin.

Hestia, constant tender of Olympos’ bright flame, friend of those who keep and kindle their own hearthfire, I thank you for making my home a sanctuary of comfort and peace, of security and strength.

From the Facebook page: Goddess Hestia and God Hermes

Hellenic Daily Worship (Hestia)


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