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“Ara is a constellation in the southern hemisphere that is named for an incense censer or altar. In the myths, this is the altar where Zeus and his allies swore oaths to defeat the Titans.”

I read this blog when Kallisti first published it… and it’s been lingering in my mind and has popped into my daily devotionals.

I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, and I do a daily anchoring and honouring that involves acknowledging the stars and constellations I live under.

The idea of an incense censer or altar in the sky has linked itself to Hestia for me.

This weekend, I was finally able to do pretty much all the weekly housework plus cleaning the oven in one day.

#goals, right?

The reality is that I wasn’t capable of doing the housework for the better part of nine months. I haven’t been physically capable of cleaning the oven since surgery.

This is a significant achievement for me.

I’ve celebrated by purchasing a small statue of Hestia for my kitchen, and in amongst all this, Ara has taken a place in my practice as well.

I’m in a major city, so I use the free version of both SkyView and Stellarium to slowly educate myself about what spans the sky above me.

I look to The Southern Cross

I look to the Pointers

Alpha Centauri

Beta Centauri


Triangulum Australe

I anchor through the South Pole

I honour Sirius, the Dog Star

I honour The Seven Sisters

I honour The Emu

I honour the Milky Way

I honour the Southern Hemisphere in which I live.

May the stars in your sky guide you.

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