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Hestia: The Fire We Carry

Hestia, a Greek Goddess born of Cronus (Saturn) and Rhea, is perhaps well known as a Virgin Goddess of the fire within the home. Indeed, translated, Hestia means “Hearth”, a place of fire that is typically known to be “at the center” and nourishes outwardly. As we nourish our connection with her, we may find that the fire we carry is a ray of this same force. When we tend it, from a place at the “center”, we may find an initiation into our own Sacred Fire!

Hestia: The Fire We Carry

I have been praying, praising, and meditating upon Hestia most mornings before dawn. I light a candle in my kitchen near a small statue of Her, light incense, and it is where my morning prayers start.

I find often, as I use the prayers written by those who have practised devotionals before me, that certain aspects will start to stand out for me, and this prayer is an example of that.

Prayer to Hestia of the Sacred Fire

The fire from the sky is here.

The fire from the waters is here.

The fire from the land is here.

From below, from about, from above,

Fire has come here to my hearth;

Burn there, oh Holy Hestia

You who tend the shrines for both Home and State,

Queen of Sanctity

You who bring fire to the sacred altars of the Mysterious Ones

Guide me in tending my Own Sacred Fire

Both in my Sanctuary and out in the World.

Inspired by both Barbara Nolan and Ceisiwr Serith

Written by Fabienne S. Morgana

Year of Pagan Prayer by Barbara Nolan

A Book of Pagan Prayer Ceisiwr Serith

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