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Prayer to Hestia and Hermes for Home Economy

Source: Facebook page Goddess Hestia and God Hermes

Prayer to Hestia and Hermes for Home Economy

I call to Hermes, god of the marketplace,
god of the the deal, from whose hands fall shining coins.

I call to Hestia, goddess of the home,
goddess of good management, who knows the ways of thrift.

Grant me a keen eye to spot a bargain, I pray;
grant that I know false economy from true.
Grant me the craft to repair what is broken,
grant me the sufficiency to save for what may come.

Grant me the wisdom to live with care, O gods,
the discipline and skill to live within my means;
grant me the wit to know my needs and my desires,
grant me the judgment to know the difference.

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Prayer to Hestia

Hellenic Daily Worship (Hestia)


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