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Iphigenia, Hestia, & the Muse of Painting

Paula Kuitenbrouwer writes three short narratives of three inspirational archetypical goddesses, Hestia, Iphigenia, and the Muse of Painting. Mythological stories become alive when we realize that they can reveal intimate truths about ourselves and others. The power of mythology is constantly renewed when we relate these stories to our lives.

Iphigenia, Hestia, & the Muse of Painting

“Last week, I went to Pythia. Perhaps you know her better as the Oracle of Delphi. Pythia, in all her mysteriousness, prophesied something that I do not fully understand and neither the temple priests could explain to me. Something about Artificial Intelligence (what is that?) that will push men and women out of work and send them home. When the priest said home, my ears pricked.

However, from what I intuitively feel, it will be a matter of time for me -a rather insignificant Olympian goddess- to increase in importance. Home, health, harmony, and hearth will become -once again- the center of our lives.


From all ancient goddesses, Hestia (or Vesta in Roman mythology) is my favourite. In fact, I like her so much that I have drawn her. Have a look here to see how I have put her on a pedestal in an imaginative park.

Hestia/ Vesta by Pamela Matthews

Hail Hestia!

Golden veiled Hearth Keeper.

Oh Consistent One,

Ensuring the sacred fire never dies.

You who have dominion equally over Sanctuary and State,

Guide us, Gentle One.

You who were able to articulate your boundaries,

To decline the offers of both Apollo and Posideon,

And to have that negotiation of freedom and independence with Mighty Zeus.

Empower us to maintain our boundaries.

Embolden us, make us eloquent in negotiating our own freedoms and independence.

Elevate our ability to be our best selves in friendships so that even the courageous conversations do not destroy love and respect.

Guide us Gracious One

You who stepped gracefully aside to allow Blessed Dionysus to lead in your stead.

Let us not crave power, let us gracefully step aside from all that does not serve us, let us have the wisdom to focus on our strengths.

Oh Wise Counsellor and Protector

You who tends the Sacred Flames in the Heart of the State

Engender in us the wisdom to take our responsibilities in affairs of the State seriously and solemnly, with dignity and driven by the ethics of hospitality, and by the warmth of friendship and connection.

You who danced at the Temple of Delphi, understanding the words of prophecy, allow us to dance in this New World with Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Work, with Work from Home.

Let us be once more centred around our Sanctuaries and serving our State, but not enslaved to it.

Oh Holy Hestia

You who could challenge and change the status quo, encourage us to do the same, for the wellbeing of our homes, our friends, our State.

Hestia, you who could move between realms, of the private and the public, of the Sanctuary and the State, allow us the flexibility to do the same.

Gracious Hestia, you who extend hospitality to all, allow us to be welcoming of all, to accept diversity as you accepted Dionysus.

May we honour you with living your values.

May you bless us with wealth, health, and stability.

May you bless us with peace in our Sanctuary.

May you bless us with peace in our States.

Prayer written by Fabienne S. Morgana August 25th 2023

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