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Hekate Devotion: Imbolc

Imbolc, which means “in the belly” or “ewe’s milk”, is the day that marks the incoming Spring.   Symbolically it marks the halfway point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox and celebrates the rebirth of the sun as the days get longer.  Traditionally it is a Northern Hemisphere Gaelic festival which falls on the 1st of February and […]

Hekate Devotion: Imbolc

As always, I really enjoy Setjataset’s blog posts.

This year in the Southern Hemisphere calendar Imbolc (which I call The Quickening) falls on Tuesday the 8th of August at 4.21am.

I’m going to try to hunt out Southern Hemisphere specific posts about Imbolc/The Quickening.

If you have read one or written one, feel free to drop a link in the comments!

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Australian Festivals: A Quick Reference Guide

It can be difficult in Australia to find resources that address the Southern Hemisphere  or Australia. Here are some starting resources that I myself have:

Australian Druidry: Connecting with the Sacred Landscape by Julie Brett

Dancing the Sacred Wheel: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats by Frances Billinghurst

Sunwyse by Roxanne Bodsworth

PaGaian Cosmology by Glenys Livingstone

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