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Wattle you be doing on National Wattle Day?

Saturday, September 01st, 2018

Acacia pycnantha (Golden Wattle) Shrub or tree 3- 8 m high Flowers August – October

National Wattle Day


Today, it’s National Wattle Day in Australia!

Today is also the first day of Spring. Furthermore, it is also the beginning of Magpie Season.

“The wattle spreads a golden pathway in the spring.  It reminds us there is hope where the past and present meet, a bright promise for the future.”

Australia’s Emblem by Margaret Shaw

Other Poems about the Wattle

I watch through August as the golden blooms start to spread quickly through the streets, parks, and back yards.

It starts around The Quickening, and continues through the Equinox.

The flowering of the Wattle is one of the first Heralds of Spring. In essense, to me, it symbolizes hope, and home, and the promise of renewal.

As the national flower, it is consequently featured on the Australian Coat of Arms. Furthermore, the flowers are used in citizenship ceremonies. It has, as a result, welcomed a number of my friends and family to their new lives here in this country.

National Wattle Day is a festival fully aligned the Southern Hemisphere seasons. This is in contrast to many other Australian festivals.

Cotton wool balls on eucalyptus branches to represent snow at Christmas, anyone? Anyone? 

Various wattles are found across all states, despite our great diversity across the country.

Acacia (wattle) is a genus of Gondwanian origin, therefore it has been in this land for 35 million years.

So – in spite of being at work all day, I am however making a point of taking a walk outside and appreciating the bright yellow blooms, and meditating on the transition into Spring.

Finally, we are currently in the period Waning Moon. Consequently I will be considering what I want to leave behind of Winter at the same time.

In conclusion, there may have been dancing.

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