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Sacred Moments: Solstices, Equinoxes, Festivals, Moon Phases

Sculpture “Wheel of the Year” by Chris Darvall



For those who are wondering what reference I use for the various Sacred Moments – it is Archeoastronomy

I have used it for years.

I prefer to celebrate on the actual point of the Sacred Moment, as opposed to using the traditional dates.

Being in the Southern Hemisphere, the next Sacred Moment or Festival is what I refer to as The Quickening on August 07th.

This may be more familiar to many as Imbolc.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the season turns to Lammas.

I will (if I can) take the day prior, day of, and day after the Sacred Moment or Festival off. If I don’t *do* ritual, having that time set aside for reflection and meditation serves me well.

I probably drive my rostering department nuts when all my leave requests come through!

I confess, my personal favourites are what I see as the Sacred Moments of Balance – the Solstices and the Equinoxes.

In terms of the phases of the Moon, again, I base that on what is local to me (Melbourne, Australia). I use the timeanddate site to establish the Sacred Moment.

I would love to take the Full Moons and the Dark Moons off as well. As a full time employee that works a very specific roster, this isn’t a practical approach for me right now. I could do it, I would just end up having very little annual leave left over!

How do you celebrate the various Festivals, Sacred Moments, Moon Phases?  If you are happy to share, please respond in the comments section below.

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