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Thinking about balance

(Nimue) Equinoxes always invite considerations of balance, what it means to us and where we are with it. Do you need more balance? Do you feel like you’re in stasis and need to shake your life up? Are some aspects of your life out of balance? Are you experiencing balance as harmony or as many […]

Thinking about balance

The Equinox is, to me, a Sacred Point of Balance.

Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere is happening on Saturday the 23rd of September at 2.50pm.

What time or point or moment do you celebrate?

I love this from Nimue:

“Balance is a really personal thing. Your emotional centre of gravity won’t be the same as mine. The balance and poise of a heron is very different from the balance of a spider web. Some insects can balance on the surface of water and others are caught in it and likely to die if that happens.”

The other thing is that that point of balance or emotional centre of gravity might change over time, or with circumstances.

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