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October Full Moon

My Facebook Memories feed popped up a poem I wrote at the Full Moon in October 2017.

I’m in the Southern Hemisphere, and we are shifting from the energies of the Spring Equinox to the energies of Beltaine.

October Moon

A veiled Full Moon,
A mild Spring evening,
The gentle surprise of freshly blooming Jasmine and Wisteria perfuming the air..

Seeping into a care worn soul,

and soothing a worried mind,

healing a hurt heart,

whispering promises of new beginnings..

©️ Fabienne Morgana 2017

Moon Phases

The next Full Moon is on 10th of October at 7:54 am.

Last Quarter 18th of October at 4:16 am.

Next New Moon: 25th of October at 9:48 pm.

On the 01st of November, we mark the First Quarter at 5:36 am.

Just a heads up, Total Lunar Eclipse: 8th November 2022-  Lunar Eclipse Magick

I mark the Dark Moon as the night before, but again, there are lots of variations as to how people observe the Lunar calendar. Some people don’t consider it a New Moon until you can see the crescent in the sky. I live in Melbourne, and there is frequent cloud cover, so I go with the times.

Observing the Phases of the Moon is part of my devotional practice. I find this practice helps keep me grounded and open to appreciating beauty and moments of awe and wonder. It also helps me move through particularly unpleasant times in my life.

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