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Creativity of Beltaine Moment Creativity of Beltaine Moment

Tuesday, 06th November, 2018

“Beltaine is commonly understood in recent times to be a celebration of sexuality, and frequently in particular heterosexuality … but this is a simple reduction, and only one of the valencies of a deeper significance of the Seasonal Moment, which is the extant creativity of Sun and Moon in relationship, with Earth. The notable and sensed regional transition of Earth at this time is into Summer … there is clear sense of long hours  of light, that just keeps growing: the transition of this cross-quarter Moment is traditionally understood to be from the dark time of the year to the light time (and its opposite Samhain is “Summer’s end”, the transition into the dark time of Winter).”

Glenys Livingstone


Read the post in full – it is wonderful work by Glenys.

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This just what I needed to read *right now*.

I plan to spend some more time thinking of the Beltaine fires as cleansing fires, and of the maypole (or Novapole, as Glenys suggests) being a representation of the axis mundi.

Re-framing the Wheel of the Year.

Today, I was talking at length with a dear friend about Beltaine.

The discussion covered some of my thoughts about re-framing the Wheel of the Year.

For a number of years now, I am finding myself sinking deeper into my personal experience, the land around me, and the Mysterious Ones I am in relationship with.

I am not resonating with the archetypes of Maiden, Mother, Crone – nor have I for many years. Probably since my slow shift into hard polytheism.

The concepts of Divine Sexuality are not currently on my radar.

As a solitaire, approaching 50 with awe, I am re-examining my relationship with the festivals. This process really started for me at age 45. I do not, however, think this is an age related ‘thang’.

Where are you at with the Wheel of the Year? Do the traditional Deities and meanings resonate at your core? Or are there particular festivals that don’t gel for some reason?

It is Beltaine Eve for me currently, as I celebrate the Sacred Moment astrologically, as opposed to the traditional date.

I have spent the day chatting with friends and in reflection, meditation, and contemplation.

I have made offerings at my Shrines, and donated some money to charities that resonate with me for today.

It has been a very rainy Melbourne late Spring Day, and the tragedy that is the Melbourne Cup has been on today.

Another Horse-Kin killed on the track, and I mourn that loss.

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