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New Moon Honouring

New Moon: Southern Hemisphere fun fact. In the Northern Hemisphere, the New Moon Crescent curves in such a way that the traditional Pagan symbol is Waxing Moon / Full Moon / Waning Moon and is represented like this: ) o ( by many. In the Southern Hemisphere, it actually looks like this ( o )


Friday July 13th, 2018


New Moon


Mysterious Beginnings, I honour you.

You who transform Promise into Being,

Even as, in in your hidden realm, the Moon is reborn, might I be reborn.


New Moon, change in me what changes in you,

Guide me through renewal.

Grace me with rebirth.


New Moon, may I glimpse mystery, may I embrace the strength and wisdom of the Stars,

and the deep, ancient blessings of rejuvenation and renewal;

May I embody the powers of dreaming and realization.


I dare to dwell in beauty, harmony, and delight,

I dare to see with clear eyes, and an open heart.

I honour the Mysterious Ones,

I honour the Guides, and the Guardians,

I honour the Ancestors,

I honour the Spirits of Place,

I honour the Spirits of Space.

I honour myself, the work I have done, and will do.


Mysterious Illumination, New Moon,

Empower me to manifest your Beauty, and your Grace.

I honour you.




Adapted from, and inspired by Ceisiwr Serith “A Book of Pagan Prayer”.

Poetry / Prayer by Fabienne S. Morgana  Copyright 2014

Feel free to share or use with attribution.

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