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Dark Moon Honouring

Southern Cross / Emu in the Sky (Koodjal Koodjal Djookan)

Originally published here in July 2018, this was part of articulating a deeper Moon Phase devotional that I was doing in 2014.

It is the Dark Moon today (Thursday, 14th September, 2023), in Naarm, where I am.

There isn’t a precise moment as such, so I tend to consider it as the night before the New Moon (tomorrow), and mark it from Sunset.

There are a number of opinions about the Dark Moon and the New Moon. Some people don’t consider the New Moon until the first night you can see the moon again in the sky.

In terms of the phases of the Moon, again, I base that on what is local to me (Melbourne, Australia). I use the timeanddate site to establish the Sacred Moment.

Hekate’s Deipnon by Setjataset
Hekate’s Noumenia by Setjataset

As always, I will take the opportunity to refer to Setjataset’s blog posts.

She is a personal friend, as well as being a practitioner I admire: her blog is worth a visit.

She also very generously shares posts like this detailing the Moon phases, Festival dates, both their Traditional dates, and the actual Moment.

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Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Dark Moon

Mysterious Darkness, I honour you.
You who transform want into plenty,
Even as, in your hidden realm, the Moon is reborn, so too, might I be reborn.

Dark Moon, change in me what changes in you,
Guide me through dark times.
Grace me with rebirth.

Dark Moon, may I glimpse mystery, may I embrace the strength and wisdom of the Stars,
and the deep, ancient, creative Darkness;
like that of the womb, and that of the tomb;
and the wonder of that which is not obvious.

I dare to dwell in beauty, harmony, and delight,
I dare to see with clear eyes and an open heart.
I honour the Mysterious Ones,
I honour the Guides and the Guardians,
I honour the Ancestors,
I honour the Spirits of Place,
I honour the Spirits of Space.
I honour myself, the work I have done, and will do.

Mysterious Darkness, Dark Moon,
Empower me to manifest your Beauty and Grace.
I honour you.

Adapted from and inspired by:
A Book of Pagan Prayer Ceisiwr Serith and Donald L. Engstrom-Reece.

Poetry / Prayer by Fabienne S. Morgana Copyright 2014
Feel free to share or use with attribution.

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