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Fifth Week of #theComplimentProject


Wednesday, 01st May, 2019

The Compliment Project

Welcome to the end of the fifth week of #theComplimentProject!

Today is #34.

Consequently, this puts me at just over a third of the way through this project.

My final goal is 99 Compliments by the eve of my birthday in July.

The red and white flower is what I suspect will be the last of my petticoat petunias.

They have given me so much pleasure since Spring (I’m in Australia, so we are currently at the end of Autumn).

Last week I was focusing on using flower backgrounds from my own backyard.



The rose above is called Mother’s Love.

Again, it was a purchase around the anniversary of my Mother’s death.

Watching the roses blooming always reminds me of her.

I regularly put the cut blooms on my Ancestor Shrine.




This was my Morning Glory against a Melbourne Autumn sky.

I love both Autumn and Spring so much.

The Equinoxes would have to be my favourite festivals.



Stained glass window at Flinders Street Railway Station

This particular compliment was actually gifted to me a few weeks ago.

It really moved me deeply.

The last 4 -5 years have been very challenging, and consequently, I have felt like I had lost a certain light-heartedness.

One of my goals for this year has been to nurture that sparkle.

Getting this compliment was a wonderful affirmation for me!




Street Art

Cats and Street Art – what’s not to love??? 🙂

This was from an outing with a friend, and we wandered through Degraves Steet.

Melbourne has great street art (I do love my adopted city).




Cat belly rubs

Speaking of cats…

This was the belly of one of the strays that moved into my house.

It was the first morning of Autumn where it was actually cold enough to put the heater on.

Suffice to say – much feline appreciation! <3





I work fairly extreme shift work, on a rotating roster.

Combined with some ill health in general over the last couple of years, I have a renewed appreciation for my support network.

Often, I don’t actually get regular face to face contact.

Some of my friends are interstate or overseas.

The marvels of social media mean that they are only ever a message away.

I have a couple of people I am in daily contact with, some I am in weekly contact with, some it is monthly, or maybe every couple of months.

Skype, Messenger, What’s Ap – *marvelous!*.

I really appreciate the conversations with my friends. 🙂


This week’s roundup:

Was there a compliment this week that really resonated for you?

Is there a compliment you have received or given that you would like to share?

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