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The Compliment Project: Week Four


Wednesday, 24th April 2019.



It’s the forth week of this daily practice.

I am using my own images, and a meme generator to create a daily compliment.

The only ‘rule’ is that the compliment cannot be based in a comment on physical appearance.

I also have a secondary goal of avoiding the word ‘beauty’.




As I have previously explained, I intend to do this through until my birthday on July 03rd.




That’s going to be 99 memes!

It does seem a little daunting some days.

I am up to number 27. So I guess I am almost a third of the way through!





I did take the time this week to read some supporting articles about the power of compliments:


Have you read any interesting articles about compliments?

What are your thoughts around how valuable they are?




World Compliment Day

I did not know that there was such a thing!

March 01st, so we have missed it this year..

But NEXT Year!




Do you have any compliments that have really touched something deep inside you?

Any situations where you have been able to give an amazing compliment?




A few days ago,  I have set myself a little challenge of focusing on flowers as a background.

This was prompted by my delight at the blooming Morning Glory in my back yard.

I actually harvested that flower wild during a ramble with my much loved dog a few years ago.

Shadow crossed the rainbow bridge in December 2016, but the Morning Glory reminds me of all our walks.




The Rose Geranium is a huge favourite of mine as well.

It’s supposed to ward the house, and I also use the oil as part of the perfume blend that I wear.

“Snakes do not go where the rose geranium grows.”

That’s what my grandmother from good Irish stock used to tell me.

She said it kept people with ill intent away from your home.

Sounds good to me!




This last one is my Mother & Daughter rose. This rose was released 10 years after my own Mother’s death, and I got mine that year.

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