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The Compliment Project: Three weeks in!


Monday 15th April, 2019

I started this on the 26th March: so that was almost three weeks ago.

I feel more like my grandmother than ever when I say ‘where did that time go??’.


Three weeks into the Compliment Project!!






The Compliment Project still has another eleven weeks to go – hopefully you won’t all be sick of me by then!

I plan to wrap it up on the 02nd of July, which is the eve of my 49th birthday.




It’s been an interesting experiment so far.

I have been really encouraged by people privately – this is something I also found when I did my Gratitude Practice late last year.

I have also been encouraged by people publicly, and that didn’t happen that much with the Gratitude Practice.




So to recap: this is all about celebrating compliments that don’t focus on physical appearance.

Because honestly, I think our youth obsessed culture is really skewed, and the blatant focus on physical appearance is really unhealthy.

I also think it is a bit of a cop out!

You have such beautiful eyes / hair / skin / soul…

It’s flattering, but it doesn’t require much thought.

It doesn’t require us to really see the other person, or to invest in the compliment.





It requires a lot more thought and consideration to articulate a compliment that is specifically about that person and about how they make us feel.

That’s important stuff.

That’s the stuff that actually feeds the soul.




I know that when I have received compliments that really acknowledged me, or my actions, or how I made someone feel – those compliments have stayed with me a lot longer than a passing comment on beauty.




I have really enjoyed the fact that people have shared compliments with me that they think are good compliments.

I am making memes celebrating those compliments and putting the contributor’s name on that meme.

See this meme below!





love the compliments that have been suggested to me, and I am keeping a little list of them.




It’s kind of fun choosing the images as well – all the photos are mine, and I am trying to match the compliment with the image.

So if there are any images that you want to know more about, please feel welcome to ask in the comments and I will give you the background behind the image.




I’m sharing these daily via my instagram and twitter

So feel free to follow me there as well 🙂


And I would be delighted for people to share the compliments – but I do ask for attribution.

If you have any compliments you would like to share, pop them in the comments below!




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