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Compliment Project

Tuesday, 02nd April 2019

This meme honours my Beloved Sparrow, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 01st of April this year.

Welcome to my Compliment Project!

You might remember that from Beltaine through to the Summer Solstice, I observed a daily gratitude practice.

Solstice Week of Gratitude


Daily Gratitude Practice Weeks 2 & 3

Daily Gratitude Practice Week 4 (ish)


I shared that practice on Twitter, and once a week, I shared it here.

I have just started what I am calling my Compliment Project!

My plan is to create a daily meme celebrating compliments that do not focus on physical appearance.

The photos will be my own (which is something I have tried to do since day one with this blog).

I’m nearly 50, and making my first meme, lol!

I think this is day 7 of the project (give or take a couple of days), and I want to do it daily as an offering and a reflection through to my 49th birthday in July (entering my 50th year).

That will be 99 memes.

Wish me luck!

I’m hoping it will change my cultural default of complimenting physical appearance.

If you have any you would like me to include, pop them in the comments!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to all those people who have followed, liked posts, and / or commented on my blog.

It’s nine months old now, and I am very grateful of the encouragement and support I have received.


Audrey – one beautiful Spring day when we were all enjoying the sun.


My own wrist – and the tattoo I got in December 2018 on the first anniversary of the death of my sister.


My Mother & Daughter Rose – in memory of my Mother.





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