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Solstice Week of Gratitude


This was the daily card that I drew on the Solstice.

I adore the Wildwood Tarot – this was a much appreciated birthday gift a few years ago. Tarot is not one of my areas of strength, but I feel like this was a *great* card to draw on the Summer Solstice! 🙂

Daily Gratitude Wrap Up

This was the final week of my daily gratitude practice on Twitter ( @ Fabienne Morgana )

I started that at Beltaine, and shared at least one thing I was grateful for each day. Sometimes that was a challenge.

I’m not that great on Twitter, so a lot of the time I did feel a little like I was just sharing into a void (although I do have a couple of friends there and they were very encouraging!)

Daily Gratitude List


New phone 🙂

Although I have been holding off for ages; my old one was becoming more and more unreliable. I do love technology, but I am not into getting new things just to have the latest and the greatest.. Having said that – new things are great! 🙂 Now I just have to learn to use it properly. Whilst I am convinced that I never use my technology to the fullest extent. I *do* LOVE my smartphone – and have always loved them, right from the first one I had.

A completely new phone number (shock, horror!). I have had the same number for over 20 years.. they offered me a new number, and something prompted me to take it: new phone, new year, new number.

Beautiful Places like the Dandenong Ranges

I have now done my second trip to the 1000 steps in my effort to improve my cardio vascular fitness (which is terrible). It was easier the second time. Now I just have to keep on going!

I am in training to turn 50 in 2020 🙂

Small Gestures of Kindness

Cups of tea delivered to me in bed! It is something that makes me feel absolutely cherished. My housemate and I will often do this for each other, and it is a lovely way to start your day.

Christmas Cards

I don’t get many, nor do I send many.. I stopped sending them in about 2005, I discovered, when I found my old ‘little black book’.

Do you remember these? I think my grandmother probably trained me to use such things – I don’t know if you can even buy them any more!

HOWEVER! I did get some Christmas cards – and I did send some.. one friend made hers, and they featured her beautiful dog, the gorgeous Lola.

Here’s the few that I actually did send.

I even found stamps and my calligraphy pens!


I was blessed with a good quality education – even though I hated school (especially boarding school) with a passion. However, I was taught Copperplate in Primary Correspondence School (I lived in isolated rural areas, so going to a normal school was not possible).

And Copperplate makes everything look *fancy*. ;-P

Random Compliments

I got a random compliment from a work colleague. They told me they loved my *style*.

I adore those kind of compliments that aren’t about your body, but are about who you actually are.

I also love random compliments – I have actually stopped people on the street and complimented them on their style.

It’s a wrap, folks!

That’s the end of the Gratitude Practice – or at least, the public one that I will share every day.

I would just like to remind everyone that it is an amazing mental reset, and that actually writing down daily gratitudes forces you to focus in a way that just doing them mentally simply doesn’t.

I have done this a number of times, and I would really recommend it.

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