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Wedding Labyrinths

Found on Pinterest:

Reconciliation Labyrinth: Found on Pinterest Original source: stephanie kay phillips co uk land art 252621 stone labyrinth Links no longer active 🙁


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It’s been a while since I posted anything about my celebrant *stuff* 🙂

I am both a Marriage Celebrant and a Funeral Celebrant, as well as being available to celebrate and facilitate across the myriad of Life Sacraments.

Assisting people with their celebrations, rituals, and sacred moments is both a privilege and a delight for me.

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Also check out this longer blog post to get some more background; on me, and links around Marriage in Australia.


Whilst not unusual, I have been thinking about labyrinths (nothing unusual there!)

In light of the upcoming New Year, I was also thinking about an article that I read today:

Why Rituals are Good for Your Health

The Conclusion of My Musings

Labyrinths are *perfect* for weddings!

Firstly, it shifts the layout of the ceremony to having family and friends circled around the couple, holding space for them during this important ceremony.

Secondly, it creates a Sacred Space for that ceremony.

Thirdly, it adds an enormous layer of meaning to the wedding ritual.

Incorporating a labyrinth taps into an immensely deep part of our shared spiritual past and ancestry.

It adds a spiritual depth and a meditative level to the celebration of the wedding.

I personally adore the idea of a labyrinth that allows the couple to enter at separate points and then meet in the centre – similar to the image I have shared here.

Even with the more traditional and arguably more well known Classical Labyrinth form, having one party enter first, and then the second party enter later and they then meet in the middle is so much more dynamic than the standard static post of the traditional Groom.


Has anyone had a labyrinth at their wedding or commitment ceremony?


Have you been to a wedding that featured a labyrinth?

Is it something that you would consider?


Some of the other blogs I found today regarding wedding labyrinths:

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