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McClelland Gallery & Sculpture Park Labyrinth

Monday, 22nd October 2018

Solvitur ambulando: it is solved by walking 🙂


These photos are from a delightful day spent wandering during July.

It was a beautiful Melbourne Winter day – just after my birthday (for anyone who wants to remember for next year!).

I was blessed to be catching up with a Sydney friend who made time to see me in a very packed schedule.

Peter and I had a wonderful day looking at sculpture and talking music, spirituality, creativity, and labyrinths!


Located in Langwarrin: the labyrinth at McClelland Sculpture Park is available year-round.

Up to the present time, they host a walk for World Labyrinth Day in May, scheduled for 1pm.

Regretfully, I actually missed it this year, although I have attended the last couple of years.

For the last few years, the Guest facilitator has been my friend Ange Virgona.

I was very fortunate to meet Ange in 2015.  At the time I was doing my Veriditas training in Sydney with Lauren Artress.

The McClelland Gallery Labyrinth is a seven circuit classical pattern, created by Artist Andrew Rogers in 2010.

This granite stone labyrinth is a small scale replica of the giant granite labyrinth in the Kaligandaki Valley Gorge, near Jomsom in Nepal.

The title of the McClelland Labyrinth is The Winding Path — the search for Truth.



Relevant Links:

On those pages you can see links to other Labyrinths, in addition to loads of other resources.



Simply the best labyrinth organisation in the world, in my opinion.

I have done their classes, including their labyrinth facilitator training.  I have not *yet* completed my certification, although it is on my list of things to do!

Find Labyrinths all over the world!

As it says, an Australian specific labyrinth resource.

Another international labyrinth organisation.

The Australian Labyrinth Network also hosts an annual conference, and training.

If you are labyrinth passionate, or even labyrinth curious, and located in Australia, membership in this organisation is something I would recommend.


The Intrepid Labyrinth Explorers!

Peter Blizzard “Hello Moon Shrine” 2014

Dean Colls “Rex Australis: The King is dead, long live the king” 2012


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