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Merri Creek Labyrinth

Tuesday, August 28th 2018


Photo by Liam Sutherland

Merri Creek Labyrinth

A few weeks ago, I walked the Merri Creek Labyrinth again.

As per my earlier post An Introduction to Labyrinths, The Merri Creek labyrinth was created out of bluestone in 2002.

Clifton Hill Quarry was one of the first bluestone quarries in Melbourne. Perhaps this was the original source of the Labyrinth bluestone. I have read one article that reports a local source.

It is my understanding that the appearance of the Labyrinth was a bit of a mystery – if anyone knows the full story, I would love to hear it!

It is my understanding that it just appeared. Magic 😉


You can access the Labyrinth via Wright Street or Ramsden Street in Clifton Hill. Walk along the walking and cycling trail, slightly left down towards the creek and you will see it opposite the banks of the river. It lies in a hollow (Hewson’s Hollow) under a cliff, opposite a willow tree on the bank of the creek.

There is a brief recording of the Merri Creek Labyrinth that can be found on YouTube. 

The Merri Creek Labyrinth is a Classical seven circuit Labyrinth, which means it conforms to the pattern below:


Photo by Liam Sutherland


There is a Wishing Tree where people leave offerings.

If leaving offerings, it is always necessary to consider the environment, and the local fauna, and flora.


Photo by Liam Sutherland


Photo from Merri Creek Labyrinth Facebook Page


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