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New Year Preparations

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Full Moon through Hag Stone – Dawn, Christmas Morning 2018


New Year Preparations.

I don’t actually *do* New Year’s resolutions as such.

However, I do get diaries for the year to come. One for work, and one for home.  Then I sit and transpose things like the phases of the Moon and the 8 major Festivals.

To find the dates and times appropriate to where I am, accounting for things like daylight savings, I use the following websites:

Archaeoastronomy site

Time & Date Melbourne Australia

DATES 2019


NEW MOON January 06th @12:28

FIRST QUARTER January 14th @ 17:45

FULL MOON January 21st @16:16  *Supermoon

THIRD QUARTER January 28th @08:10

Harvest Festival February 04th @ 14:01 (Daylight Savings Time)

DARK MOON February 04th

NEW MOON February 05th @08:03

*Micro New Moon: A Micromoon happens when a Full Moon or a New Moon coincides with apogee; the point in the Moon’s orbit farthest away from Earth.

FIRST QUARTER February 13th @ 09:26

FULL MOON February 20th @ 02:53 * Super Full Moon

LAST QUARTER February 26th @22:27


DARK MOON March 06th

NEW MOON March 07th @ 03:03

FIRST QUARTER March 14th @21:27

FULL MOON March 21st @12:42

Autumn Equinox March 21st @ 08:58 (Daylight Savings Time)

FULL MOON March 21st @12:42

LAST QUARTER March 28th @ 15:09

DARK MOON April 04th

NEW MOON April 05th @ 19:50

FIRST QUARTER April 13th @ 05:05

FULL MOON April 19th @ 21:12

THIRD QUARTER April 27th @ 08:18

DARK MOON May 04th

NEW MOON May 05th @ 08:45

Samhain May 06th @ 04:58

FIRST QUARTER May 12th @ 11:12

FULL MOON May 19th @07:11 * Blue Moon (Third Full Moon in a season with four Full Moons)

LAST QUARTER May 27th @02:33


DARK MOON June 02nd

NEW MOON June 03rd @ 20:01

FIRST QUARTER June 10th @ 15:59

FULL MOON June 17th @ 1830

Winter Solstice June 22nd @ 01:54

LAST QUARTER June 25th @ 19:46

DARK MOON July 02nd

NEW MOON July 03rd @ 20:01

FIRST QUARTER July 10th @ 15:59

FULL MOON July 17th @ 07:38

LAST QUARTER July 25th @ 11:18

DARK MOON July 31st

NEW MOON August 01st @ 13:11

FIRST QUARTER August 08th @ 03:30

The Quickening August 08th @ 05:19

FULL MOON August 15th @22:29

LAST QUARTER August 24th @00:56

DARK MOON August 29th

NEW MOON August 30th @ 20:37 *Super New Moon / Black Moon (second New Moon in a single Calendar Month)


FIRST QUARTER September 06th @ 13:10

FULL MOON September 14th @ 14:32

*Micro Full Moon: A Micromoon happens when a Full Moon or a New Moon coincides with apogee; the point in the Moon’s orbit farthest away from Earth.

LAST QUARTER September 22nd @ 12:40

Spring Equinox September 23rd @ 17:50

DARK MOON September 28th

NEW MOON September 29th @ 04:26  *Super New Moon

FIRST QUARTER October 06th @ 03:47

FULL MOON October 14th @ 08:07

LAST QUARTER October 21st @ 23:39

DARK MOON October 27th

NEW MOON October 28th @ 14:38

FIRST QUARTER November 4th @ 21:23

Beltane November 08th @ 04:14 (Daylight Savings Time)

FULL MOON November 13th @ 00:34

LAST QUARTER November 20th @ 08:10

DARK MOON November 26th


NEW MOON November 27th @ 02:05

FIRST QUARTER December 04th @17:58

FULL MOON December 12th @ 16:12

LAST QUARTER December 19th @ 15:57

Summer Solstice December 22nd @ 15:19 (Daylight Savings Time)

DARK MOON December 25th

NEW MOON December 26th @ 16:13


I have mentioned before that I am in the Southern Hemisphere, and that I celebrate according to the astrological or ‘cosmic’ dates as opposed to the traditional calendar dates.

I have written posts around the various festivals over the last 6 months since I launched this  blog, and I will continue to do so.

Questions for other Southern Hemisphere peeps:  

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