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The Directions and the Center

I have always related to Dver’s observation around always seeming to skip the basics.

In the land in which I live, so-called Australia, I struggled so much with traditional directional alignment even before I moved some 1300km+ east of where I grew up, and then a further 1700km south west of that (the land changes, *a lot*).

I’ve been slowly, over the years, orienting myself in a similar way to what is described in this blog post.

I find reading the blogs of other practitioners to be incredibly rewarding; it’s becoming part of my daily religious practice. I read, I consider my perspective and practice, I reflect, meditate, and pray. It’s something I have been doing for the last couple of months and I feel like it is really deepening my experience.

Sometimes, as a solitary practitioner, you can end up in an echo chamber of your own ideas and thoughts. Daily readings have become a great way for me to break that loop.

Unlike many pagans, the cardinal directions have never held a lot of meaning for me. I didn’t go through a “calling the quarters” phase even during my semi-Wiccan years. But things have changed here. One of the first times I sat out on my back porch overlooking the swamp and opened myself up to the […]

The Directions and the Center
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