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The unknowable gods

The longer I do this, the less I feel that we can ever truly understand the nature of the gods while we are living this meat world existence (maybe not even after that, who knows). Not that we can’t encounter and engage with Them, and do so meaningfully, but any certainty about exactly what – […]

The unknowable gods

In my devotional practice, I honour Deities as The Mysterious Ones, Known and Unknown.

I love to honour and acknowledge epithets, as I explained in my post A is for…

I have, however, been having a conversation with a friend about how we can love The Mysterious Ones, we can honour Them, worship Them, but we can never truly *know* them and that Mystery element is as important as the elements we can know.

I am often reminded of the reddit post about an ant who for a moment, sees the world through the eyes of a human. The post was written about horror, but I often reflect on it as a metaphor for the Mysterious Ones.

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