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Rosie’s Retreat & Labyrinth

Friday 20th September 2019


Rosie’s Retreat & Labyrinth

My dear friend took me to this labyrinth when I was visiting them in September last year.

I am a little stunned that it has been a full year already since this trip!

I do love walking labyrinths in any circumstances. However, it is particularly delightful to be able to make an outing of it! 🙂

Located at 60 Stichling Street, Carrajung, Victoria, this is both a retreat and a labyrinth.

It is open by appointment only.


Rosie herself is available for Reiki, Energy Healing, Kinesiology, and Animal Healings.

Rosie offers events for Solstices, Meditation, and Drum Circles.

There are some beautiful photos and videos available on the Facebook page.


My friend had found out about the labyrinth through Dr Margaret Rainbird’s visit earlier in 2018.

The day we were there was a glorious Spring day.

Rosie was very generous with her time, granting me a bit of an impromptu interview.

She and her daughter built the labyrinth late 2017 after visiting another Santa Rosa labyrinth.

Rosie said she felt inspired to create the labyrinth. Over the last year, Rosie has now created a Spiral Labyrinth as well.

Rosie also emphasized how powerful the labyrinth was as a healing tool.  Her daughter found it very helpful during a particularly challenging time in her life.

This was part of the inspiration that birthed Rosie’s Labyrinth & Retreat.

Rosie’s Retreat & Labyrinth is located within Wet Sclerophyll Forest – one of my favourite environments.



Santa Rosa Labyrinth


The Labyrinth itself is blue stone, and based on the Santa Rosa Labyrinth pattern.


This was the first Santa Rosa Labyrinth that I have walked.

I was particularly interested in the heart space.

This is the small circle you can see on the above diagram, right at the entrance.

At Rosie’s Retreat & Labyrinth, she has positioned a small bird bath at this point.

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