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World Labyrinth Day in Schools 2019

Tuesday 01st May, 2019

World Labyrinth Day in Schools


World Labyrinth Day is always the first Saturday in May.

Therefore, typically World Labyrinth Day in Schools is celebrated on the Friday prior.

The Australian Labyrinth Network has some excellent resources available.

I wanted to use this post to showcase those resources.

This is an Australian initiative, so it’s really exciting!

Even if you are not celebrating World Labyrinth Day in a School setting, I really encourage you to have a look at the various links.

There is even some printable finger labyrinths!

For more general information, check out my other labyrinth posts 🙂

If you are local, there are a number of links to Melbourne Labyrinths there.

I also plan to do another post before the end of the week detailing some of the local walks that are planned around Melbourne and Victoria.

So if you know of one, or you are planning one yourself, let me know in the comments!



An Introduction to Labyrinths – workshop for teachers.

 Hand-outs for An Introduction to Labyrinths

Labyrinths: Where from and Where to? – a self-guided inquiry for teachers.

About labyrinths – useful links.




Activities booklet

Labyrinth transition lesson plan

Stepping out together – new term/ year.

Labyrinth group activities


Using labyrinths




3-circuit labyrinth with directions

3-circuit labyrinth worksheet

7-circuit labyrinth with directions

7-circuit labyrinth seed pattern worksheet

Felted labyrinths

Drawing and making labyrinths

Finger labyrinth – material or wool

Finger labyrinth – crochet, quilted

Finger labyrinth – playdough

Finger labyrinth – artwork

Labyrinths Matter – Newsletter 2015 Summer

Petite Chartres design

Youtube links for finger and floor labyrinths

Cretan labyrinth

Labyrinth with lines made of questions – a Moral Labyrinth




Walking A Labyrinth

Using labyrinths

Labyrinth in a Bag resources

Activities booklet

Chartres 11 circuit

Classical 7 circuit

Colored paper – intuipath

Ely Cathedral

Finger labyrinth – Walk for Peace – tree shape

Labyrinths Matter Newsletter 2016

Man in the Maze

Chartres – intuipath

Cretan – intuipath


Simple Chartres – Dromenon

Chartres Finger labyrinth




Using a labyrinth on Professional Development days

Using labyrinths

Labyrinth group activities

Cross Curiculum priorities – links

General capabilities – links

Labyrinth in a Bag resources

Activities booklet

Stepping out together – starting a new term / year.

Labyrinths Matter newsletter 2016




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