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Merry everything and a happy always.



Blessings to all who celebrate 🙂

This is me, and my Christmas eve night shift look 🙂

There was a challenge issued to wear red and green: my absolute favourite colours!

No, no makeup, no filters: me in all my bare face glory!

Huge thank you to every one who has supported me in this adventure: I have been running this blog / website for six months now, and I really appreciate the encouragement I have received.

Just putting this out there:

Never a Christmas morning, never an old year ends, 
but someone thinks of someone; 
old days, old times, old friends.

Author: ~unknown~

For many years, I have struggled at this time of year, so now I keep it very simple.

I’m on night shift Christmas Eve into Christmas Morning – and I am planning to head down to the beach for a walk when I finish.

Head over to my instagram and I will try to flick up some photos 🙂

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