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Advance Care Plan

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Are your travelling documents in order? 
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This might seem a little grim – especially as we approach Christmas!

However given that it is a time we typically spend with family, it can be a good time to have some of these conversations. 

It can be a proactive thing to look at ourselves, moving into a new year.

Over the last couple of years, I have had 12 deaths among my friends and family.

Very few of them were expecting to die. None of them were dying of old age. 

Even those that were terminally ill did not have what I consider to be ‘travelling papers’ in order.

There were no wills, no advance care directives.

Medical and financial power of attorney were either non-existent or out of date.

It put additional strain and stress on those of us left behind dealing with the practicalities.

A routine part of health and personal care

From the Advance Care Planning Australia Website

Advance care planning is a routine part of a person’s health care. When a person’s values are discussed openly, their healthcare preferences can be respected at a time when they cannot voice their decisions. It’s an ongoing process that needs cooperation between individuals, their families, care workers, and health professionals as well as community organisations and healthcare organisations. 

Advance Care Planning Australia is a national program that provides information and resources to individuals, care workers and healthcare professionals to improve this cooperation. Find out more about Advance Care Planning Australia.

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