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Review – The Path of the Sacred Hermit by Avallach Emrys

“This is the third book I know of that has been published over the past few years on the topic of Pagan and Polytheistic Monasticism (1) as the movement, originating in the early 2000s (2), continues to grow and define itself.”

“The first is A New Monastic Way: Modern Polytheistic Celtic Monasticism by Oisin Dolye (2017) and the second is Polytheistic Monasticism: Voices from the Pagan Cloisters edited by Janet Munin (2022).”

I do in fact have both books, but have yet to read them. I always have books on my to read list, and I’m sharing this so I can find it again when I get through some of my current to be read pile!

I have become increasingly interested in the paths of both the Mystic and the Monastic practicitioners.

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