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Patron Deities in Modern Paganism

Blog post by John Beckett.

“Worship the Gods. Seek a deeper relationship with the one or two deities who call to you, or whose virtues and stories resonate with you. Speak to Them in prayer, honor Them with offerings, and listen for Them in meditation.”

When I was in my teens and twenties, I was very hung up on the idea of having a patron Deity and felt I was kind of failing witchcraft/paganism/ritual because I couldn’t seem to connect with a patron.

From my late 30s to my late 40s, I dedicated a decade to a particular deity, but I’m still not sure I would call them my patron.

Now, I seem to have expanded that relationship to a number of other deities, and I still wouldn’t regard myself as having patron or for that matter, being a priest or priestess (my dislike for -ess words aside).

I think I have become comfortable with the idea that I don’t have a patron, and maybe I never will.

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