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2023 Sabbat Dates: Southern Hemisphere

Setjataset is a practitioner I know personally and admire: her blog is worth a visit.

She also very generously shares posts like this detailing the Festival dates, both their Traditional dates and the actual Moment.

She has two excellent posts about the various moons for 2023 as well; I will share them over the next couple of days.

I like to honour my Gods and Ancestors during the astrological sabbat dates. Below I have detailed the astrological sabbat dates for the Southern Hemisphere for 2023 with a brief description of what it symbolises: Lughnasadh/ Lammas February 4 2023 12.27pm First autumn harvest festival. Mabon/ Autumnal Equinox March 21 2023 7.24am Day and night […]

2023 Sabbat Dates: Southern Hemisphere
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