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Poem: Forgotten Delights.

Fern @ Dandenong National Park
Kokoda Track Memorial Walk (1000 Steps)

When I was doing my daily gratitude practice, I was reminded how much I loved poetry.

Shakespeare, Gerald Manley Hopkins, Wordsworth, pretty much all the Sufi poets.. oh my goodness, Tom Hiron’s Sometimes a Wild God is one of the most beautiful things I read the year it came out.

There is so much incredibly moving poetry, and since being active on WordPress, there are a number of amazing poets here too.

If you are a poet, or have a favourite, make sure you drop a link in the comments so I can check out your blog! 

Anyway, sometimes I do write some free verse that roughly comes under the heading of poetry, so I thought I would share this piece.

Forgotten Delights

I had forgotten poetry,


Turbulent mind,

Stormy soul,

Wounded Heart,

Battered confidence;

Poetry unfurls like a rose,

Sliding a healing balm

Across the troubled waters

Of my life ravaged Self.

Poetry rushes in,

All velvet, perfume, curls of incense,

Sparkles of sunlight on water, the soft

Misty joy of gentle, sunlit mornings,

The soothing crash of waves, the

Warmth of weighted blankets, the

Rumble of a cat purring, the magic of

Every fairy tale and enchanted carpet.

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