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Monday, July 09th, 2018

Photo of Wild Tasmanian Platypus *

I have often used the analogy and symbolism of a platypus to describe my spiritual practice as an Australian Eclectic Pagan.


Some people hate the word, and I can understand why: it can be a screen for the most shameless and thoughtless cultural appropriation and a blatant excuse for all kinds of expression of white privilege. I sincerely strive to avoid both of those pitfalls, and I have honestly loved the word and the philosophies behind it since I first discovered it.

Truthfully, the style of this blog is going to be somewhat eclectic.

I’m enthusiastic about showcasing some of my significant passions through this process, and they are, as you can see from the menu bar, somewhat wide and varied.

I would welcome the opportunity to respectfully interact with those of you who are interested in what I have to share. So, please, feel free to comment and to ask questions and I in turn will do my best to address any comments. I do reserve the right to delete comments that are rude or abusive, and I also reserve the right not to enter into arguments!

I also hope to invite some talented friends for interviews and showcase some of their work, as well as share some other wonderful blogs that have been a great inspiration to me.

So welcome, feel free to say ‘hi’, and I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

My goal is to post weekly, but I am anticipating a pretty steep learning curve, so please, be patient.

Be well, be kind.


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